Essential oils are an amazing way to support yourself, holistically.


They are so easy to use, and still very very powerful.  It is so important that we all feel empowered to take our health and well being into our own hands, and Young Living Essential Oils are an important and necessary tool to have in your toolbox.  


This is why I don't sell oils.


I guide people in getting started themselves..... Sort of that, you can give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day, or you can teach a man to fish and he'll eat for life, kind of philosophy.  I've always been more focused on empowering others in their healing journeys, and getting started with Young Living by creating your own account, so that you can customize your experience to what you want and when you want it, is the best way to achieve a higher level of holistic well being.


These oils are a huge part of empowered healing on all levels, mind, body and spirit. 


I started working with Young Living 10 years ago, just as a way to learn more about plant medicine, and to be able to offer my patients an easy and accessible way to heal themselves.  At the time, I had NO IDEA of the true power of these oils.  


Since those early days, I’ve learned a lot.  I’ve now been specializing in frequency specific healing modalities and energy healing on multiple levels for over 8 years.  Believe me when I tell you, these oils are where it’s at when it comes to healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I feel so blessed and proud to be part of such an amazing company.


I chose to use, recommend to my patients, and ultimately to build a business with Young Living for many reasons.  Their level of integrity in all things that are important to me as a human, doctor, trained herbalist, healer and spiritual guide are unmatched,  And believe me, I've done my research. The quality of their products is truly incredible, as is the level of education available within the company. This education is spot on, thorough, multidimensional, and very accessible for everyone of all levels and backgrounds. The understanding of plant medicine, and how these plants work together, as evidenced in the way they create their blends is brilliant.


Now that I've come to know this company and their products, I'm ready to build a team and community hand in hand with you and Young Living dedicated to sharing the power of these oils with others who are ready to become more empowered in their health, and if they choose to build a wildly successful business that offers massive potential. There truly has never been a more exciting time to join this community!!


We can't wait to have you there with us!


This is amazing right!!?

And now you want to know how to get started as soon as possible. 


Getting started is super easy! First thing you will do is set up your account and get your Premium Starter Kit. This is the way I recommend everyone to get started. We want you moving forward in a way that fits your entire lifestyle, plus it is absolutely the best value for your money.  


The Premium Starter Kit is hands down, the best way to get going.  It's how I started way back when!! 


  • 12 of Young Living's best basic oils to get you started

  • A diffuser of your choice

  • 2 - Ningxia red sachets (antioxidants for days!)

  • Thieves Spray (non toxic cleaning at it's finest!)

  • Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier

  • 2 AromaGlide™ Roller Fitments

  • Educational Literature

  • Support from me in learning your oils.

  • Access to our growing Facebook community, where you'll get tips for using your oils, recipes, support, and business building success secrets.


Can you feel it? Your Soul is calling you, and your consciousness is awakening.

You think you may be an empath-someone who can feel other people’s emotions or physical imbalances.... or maybe an intuitive- you know things but you have no idea how you know them.... and it all seems to be getting louder or more intense.

There are incredible shifts happening, and we’re ALL feeling it in one way or another.

If this resonates with you, I highly encourage you to check out my Soulful Nourishment class below. Simply click the arrows to continue to the next slide to learn how to nourish your awakening spirit.  

Be sure to read through to the end for a special offer from me.

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