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"Working with Heather was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! I had been feeling tired, fatigued, bloated and sluggish for a long time. Plus, I’d always had GI issues, that I had ignored. Having the support and expertise of Heather, made my lifestyle change feel easy. She was able to intuitively tune in and let me know exactly what supplement protocol and essential oil protocol I needed to meet my health goals. I learned so much about what foods to eat and why, and how to nourish my soul and my body in a new way. She helped me not only physically but also with emotional and energetic support. I am forever grateful for Heather’s life changing support, her gifts are truly amazing!"
-Suzanne Adams

Bestselling Author of Musings of an Earth Angel

"Dr. Heather has been instrumental in my life, career, and health. I don't think I could have been as successful or found grounded confidence without her work in my life. I am so thankful for her dedication to skilled, quality work and personal development, which overflows in her and out to her clients and patients. Being a medical intuitive is definitely her gift and calling: and I'm blessed to have this personal mix of spiritual and physical care, influence my being. Thank you, Heather, for your impact on me and your respect for balance and self-knowledge. I have learned so much from you, and can't wait for the future!"



Spiritual Director/Podcast Host/Wedding Planner

"I've been a patient of Dr. Jones for the past four years. Before seeing Heather regularly, I struggled with many issues including acne and depression. Heather's keen intuition and knowledge of emotional causes of physical symptoms have helped me realize the potential I have to achieve optimal health and happiness through shifting my thoughts and tapping into my own intuition and power. Her guidance has helped me dig deeper and uncover many issues that were holding me back. I am so grateful to Heather and for all of the work we've done. I've come so far in a short period of time because of her knowledge and expertise. Eternally grateful!"



Internal Communications Manager/ Licensed Esthetician/ Vocalist

"I started with Dr. Jones in 2014 after I had a nagging knee injury, which wasn't getting better despite physical therapy.  She tied my pain to certain internal organs and also emotional issues I was going through. After a couple weeks, the pain was gone and I was able to play soccer again with no limitations on movement and enjoy my active lifestyle again. I kept seeing Dr. Jones on a regular basis over the past few years and she's helped me clear up issues ranging from back pain, to the beginning of a hernia, to stress and other emotional items.  She's continuously helped me and shown an incredible talent to heal from the inside out.  My entire family has seen her and she's been a Godsend for our household.  She's truly gifted at what she does."

Owner International Indoor Soccer Arena in Albuquerque, NM
Transformational Coach

"Dr. Heather Jones is a thoughtful, honest, compassionate and gifted healer.  I received weekly sessions with Heather for 1 year, and have noticed significant improvement to my physical and emotional well-being as a result.  Dr. Jones tunes in very quickly to the underlying spiritual and emotional factors that contribute to the presenting problem.  Her collaborative approach to patient care and well timed sense of humor made each session supportive and meaningful.  Her treatments helped regulate my monthly cycle, and improve mood and mindset.  During treatments, I often experienced profound stress reduction and increased clarity that carried through my day and week."



Clinical Social Worker

"I have never worked with a more talented, genius and intuitive practitioner. Dr. Heather is amazing. I have not only felt better since starting with her, but I've grown on a personal and spiritual level.  She's also helped my husband & kids a ton as well, on all levels."


-Angie, Functional Medicine Nutritionist and Transformative Coach

When I first started working with Heather, I didn't give much thought to how essential it was going to be to support my body and it's systems throughout our work together. In fact, I felt pretty good and didn't even recognize some of the subtle queues my body was sending to get my attention. Identifying the systems in my body that needed additional support to repair and heal undoubtedly allowed me to more easily and effectively expand my awareness, gain the clarity I was seeking, and improve my overall sense of well-being. The comprehensive and integrated approach Heather takes with her work is unparalleled!! 

-Jami Diaz

Coach, The Energetics of Parenting

Thank you Dr. Heather Jones for sharing your guidance, knowledge and techniques with this world. You have empowered me to take ownership of my health, in particular my physical health, by guiding me to the tools that will best fit my needs. I have spent the last two years diving into my spiritual and emotional health, plus growing a business and supporting my family, so I have not been as conscious of my physical health. It was time to link all the pieces, especially because wellness is about wholeness and I need my physical body at its best in order to continue doing what I do. You have helped give my body a voice and given me the tools that make sense, and you made it so easy. No more guessing needed! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

-Amanda Brunngraeber

Holistic Lifestyle Coach

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