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This is the starting point for all other Soul Readings readings; it's always the first, and most in depth one we do.


What’s included:


-The actual Soul Reading and Clearing itself.  We review my findings in a 2 hour recorded Zoom session. Read on below to learn more. 

-Two additional 45 minute one-on-one coaching Zoom sessions with me.  This is a vital step to support the spiritual evolution that inevitably follows this type of reading.  These are to be done (ideally) every two weeks following the initial reading, and will need to be scheduled at the time of payment.


Here's a quick explanation of what this reading involves:

 I start with what's called a "Soul Profile".  I look into your Akashic Records (the records of all things that have ever, will ever, and are currently happening to all souls on Earth... This is a huge topic, much larger than this page can handle! I could go for weeks on this stuff!!). And in your records, I look at WHO your Soul is.  It's characteristics, where it's from, and the special gifts and talents that make up your Divinity.  I do this, so that you gain greater insight into who you are, who you came here to be, and how you can better and more easily move into your Highest Self and live your best life.


Next, in the Introductory Soul Reading, we discuss any blocks and restrictions, and begin the work to clear them from your energetic field.  These are things that are in your record based on the choices that you've made in this lifetime and others, that have not been in alignment with your Divinity.... Choices that you've made, consciously or unconsciously, that have not been in your highest interest and good, and that are still affecting you, and preventing you from living your best life, now.


The intention of this sort of reading is to create awareness around who you are at your highest expression, and what choices you've made in multiple lifetimes, that have resulted in either positive or negative energy patterns being upheld in your field of existence.  An example of this would be those things we all keep doing over and over and over, and we know they're not good for us, but we can't seem to help ourselves....  We've all got them!


It's a life changing experience, and incredibly empowering for us to see how the choices that WE'VE made truly do shape our lives. With this greater clarity and awareness around those things that are preventing us and blocking us from creating the life we desire, we are able to clear them and remove those energetic patterns from our fields, and going forward, make more aligned and informed choices for ourselves, so that we can more easily and powerfully create the lives we want to see. 


My clients will tell you, this is a massive game changer, and has the potential to change your entire life for the better.  This is, however, all up to you.  How big an impact this has is completely based on your willingness to make more aligned choices, once you have the awareness around what choices have not been serving you.  This introductory reading is a huge change maker, as I said, but it is by no means the end all be all.  There are lots of layers (sort of like an onion) to healing, and understanding yourself on that deep Soul level.  I mention this only because it's important to set proper expectations.  This reading is not a magic wand, and can't "fix" anything for you, unless and until you take the action and make the choices you need, to be more aligned with your Soul.


To best support your evolution following this basic reading, included in this package are two additional 45 minute follow up Zoom calls.  These are very specialized for you, as they are an incredible opportunity to receive additional tools and techniques to help you create more aligned patterns and experiences, and also to have that ongoing support (and accountability) that's SO vital with this sort of growth.

What’s included: -The actual Soul Reading and Clearing itself. We review my findings in a 2 hour recorded Zoom session. -Two additional 45 minute one-on-one coaching Zo...
Introductory Soul Reading

*This reading is recorded (excluding the follow up sessions), so that you have access to download and review it as often as you like.  Even years later, I have clients reach out and let me know they're still receiving deeper insight into their lives every time they watch.  It really is such a valuable quantum experience. **All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.  Cancellations and/or schedule changes must be made a minimum of 48 hrs prior to the original appointment to avoid a $50 cancellation fee. 


Email with any questions.

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